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DIY Retreat

Here’s an idea.  A really relaxing weekend at Okuti Garden.  A yoga session in the morning, massage in the afternoon and a great shared meal in the evening.  


But ‘wellness retreats’ are very expensive aren’t they?  Not this way because you organise the group to attend and you do your own food.

So the main thing you need to do is pick a date and get a group of friends together to join you.  Then you can link up with Christine, our resident Ayurveda therapist, yoga teacher and amazing masseuse, to work out exactly what you want for your weekend.  

Indicative costs:

Accommodation:                                 $1,800

(up to 15 people for 2 nights)

Yoga - group session:                         $150

Meditation - group session:                $150 

Introduction to Ayurveda - talk:          $120 

Sound Journey - group session:          $120

Massage - 60 mins:                            $95 per person

Massage - 90 mins:                            $125 per person


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